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Best educational software for download

Best educational software for download

By daniele

What is educational software?

In simple terms, we can say that educational software is any tool or computer program designed to be used in the field of education. However, this general definition allows for the integration of two applications intended for teaching or learning, as well as faculty administration. 

Types of educational software:

simulation software

Among the types of educational software are those that function as simulators to replicate situations related to student learning and other things. In general, these projects tend to show other results of the implementation of projects or activities, costs, or time until goals are achieved. Some educational institutions use it to improve their work.

Gaming programs

However, it is not the whole system. There is educational software that, through interactions, rewards, and powerful experiences, aims to incentivize the learner to be interested in a particular area of knowledge. The goal is to keep them interested throughout the course using game programs, abandoning the orthodox learning method.

Problem-solving programs

There are also programs called problem-solving whose purpose is to develop and improve the student critical thinking skills. Using different methods, problems, and situations, the student can provide a possible solution and solve the problem posed.

Training programs

Textbook-style software serves as an effective tool to complement the lessons taught by the teacher. How is this accomplished? The program generally sets various standards for student learning and assessment and provides tools, explanations, and exercises to achieve its objectives. It depends on the effective relationship between the program and the student, which is full of cooperation.

Practical and educational programs.

Finally, if you are looking for a different type of educational software, you will find that it is training and hands-on. They are designed to provide information through a series of lessons to then test what has been stored in memory through quizzes or tests. Many teachers even use it to determine how much understanding a person had at the beginning.

The following educational software can be found in the application classification:


It is a program with animated images, music, and simple games. It consists of 12 different exercises. Six simple exercises, with four possible answers.


An educational computer program with various activities for children from 2 to 10 years old. Some activities are like video games, but always educational. Among other things, it allows students to learn and practice math and literature, and to start using a computer.


With this program, we can create maps, networks, and other visual images that allow us to organize and communicate ideas. It includes a complete collection of images divided into categories that provide an easy way to create meaningful groups of ideas.

Doodle Pad

A program designed for very young children at home, especially if they like to draw and paint. This is a paperless and inclusive e-book.

Learn with Erika

This is a useful tool for teachers and students as it allows them to practice the four basic activities in a fun way. Today, technology has managed to change all aspects of our society, including education.


This is a site for the creation, implementation, and evaluation of multimedia educational activities, developed in the Java programming language. It is a free software tool based on open standards that work in different operating conditions: GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Solaris.


A collection of development activities for children. It is a fun and safe way to allow students to use the computer while teaching math, letters, spelling, and visual coordination.

Khan Academy

Educational NGO offer online courses and multimedia material covering different primary and secondary school subjects.


Contains didactic exercises in mathematics and science.

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