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How to publish a post on a page in WordPress

How to publish a post on a page in WordPress

By daniele

Most website owners use blog posts as one of WordPress’s functions. Since WordPress began as a blogging platform, posts have become a crucial site component.

Even if your website isn’t primarily a blog but runs on WordPress, you’ll probably still add some posts to it. These could be updates, news articles, or blog postings. They might be used for something very different: I have clients who write short stories and job coaches who utilise postings to provide interview advice on their websites.

You’ll need a method of letting your visitors access blog posts however you decide to use them on your WordPress website. There are various methods for doing this.

Putting a List of Blog Posts on the Home Page of Your Website

Since WordPress was initially designed as a blogging Plato, WordPress should automatically display your blog posts on your home page once you install it and start adding some blog entries. Depending on your theme, either the entire content of each post or only an extract and perhaps the main image will be shown.

  • The Young House Love interior design blog is an excellent illustration of how to locate the most recent posts quickly: rm, this is the default setting.
  • This will make it simple for them if your website is primarily a blog or news website, and the stuff that visitors are most likely to reach is your postings.
  1. Instruct WordPress to Display Posts Where
  2. The blog page should be added to your navigation menu.

You’ll need to make it simple for readers to locate your blog entries now that they aren’t shown on the home page. Therefore, you must include your new page in your navigation menu.

Including your home page in the primary navigation menu is also wise. You may have a link to this in the name or logo of your website, but you should also include it in the menu for accessibility.

Displaying Excerpts Correctly on Your Home or Blog Page

Most themes will show the extract from each article, whether you’re displaying content on your home page, a separate Blog or News page, or both.

You may discover that the extracts aren’t perfect; perhaps they’re too short or end mid-sentence.


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