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What Is Prestashop?

What Is Prestashop?

By daniele

Prestashop is the most excellent e-commerce platform for running self-hosted, feature-rich, free e-stores in the cloud. It is currently used by numerous stores worldwide and is available in about 65 languages. Prestashop is simple to use and provides customers with a robust and responsive store experience. Additionally, it offers a full range of functions gratis.

Technical prerequisites:

Prestashop requires the following technical specifications to function correctly:

  • Web servers from Microsoft IIS, Nginx, or Apache 2.
  • OSs such as Windows, Mac, and Linux;
  • technologies using MySQL 5.0+ and PHP 5.6+.

Critical features of Prestashop:


To optimize search placement, PrestaShop includes built-in product and catalogue SEO integration. Additionally, it offers built-in discounts, email connectivity, and promotions.

Free & Open Source:

PrestaShop is an entirely free and open-source platform that permits users to develop a fully-customizable website in minutes. It makes the eCommerce website development accessible and more manageable. 


This eCommerce platform allows users to add custom features to your site to make it extensive. Also, the list includes free shipping, discount mode, email marketing, special offers, gift wrapping, affiliate programming, coupon codes, and more. 

Easy Customization:

The days are gone when we used to have ordinary and dull websites. PrestaShop has many modules to help you customize the website as per your website, and it comes with 5,000 and more modules and themes.

Prestashop Drawbacks

 Required Skills:

A business administrator requires to be had specific developer expertise and the necessary skills to handle PrestaShop at its best.

Extra Charges:

Although PrestaShop is free, there is a charge for domain registration and hosting. However, the choice of who hosts is totally up to you. As a result, you can cut such spending. Also emphasized is the additional expense of customization services.

A module that is Incompatible:

PrestaShop addons may conflict with one another’s functionality because different development teams can design them. Only trial and error will work in this situation, therefore you’ll need to come up with a backup plan.


Every platform for developing an eCommerce site has its advantages and disadvantages. But, because of their drawbacks, we can’t ignore them. We must decide which one best fits our demands as a business and our desired outcomes.

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