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Magento vs WooCommerce: which is better?

Magento vs WooCommerce: which is better?

By daniele

WooCommerce overview:

The e-commerce tool WooCommerce is not a stand-alone one. Instead, it’s a plugin for the well-liked WordPress program, which over 41% of websites on the Internet utilize. WooCommerce powers 28% of the top 1 million e-commerce stores, making it by far the most popular option to create an online store. The sizes of stores use WooCommerce. Many companies and solopreneurs use WooCommerce on a smaller scale. However, larger companies like Singer, Weber, and Airstream Supply Company also utilize it.

Many factors contribute to WooCommerce’s dominance in the e-commerce world. But three stand out when compared to Magento:


WooCommerce is a free platform, and its extensions are less expensive than competing systems.

Ease of use:

Utilization ease WooCommerce is user- and setup-friendly enough for non-technical people. You might never need to hire a developer because most stores can get by with “off the rack” extensions.

Support/ease of getting assistance:

Because WordPress and WooCommerce are so well-known, it’s simple to acquire community support, and WordPress/WooCommerce developers are widely available and reasonably priced.

Magento overview:

Independent e-commerce software is Magento. For example, WooCommerce is an add-on for the WordPress CMS, but Magento is entirely separate.

Magento comes in two “versions”:

Magento Open Source:

Free software can be downloaded and installed on your web hosting. This is what you would utilize for the majority of small enterprises.

The Magento team has a commercial product called Magento Commerce, primarily geared toward businesses. It contains more functionality, and both on-premises and cloud-hosted versions are available. The plans start at around $2,000 per month. Therefore most smaller e-commerce firms cannot afford them.

Which is Better?

WooCommerce has a few significant benefits that make it the preferable choice for most users:



 WooCommerce is often simpler and has a lower learning curve than Magento.


Although both versions of the essential software are free, WooCommerce will be more affordable because all the other components of building a business are less expensive (plugins, themes, developers, etc.).

Support/developer availability:

WordPress and WooCommerce are more widely used than Magento, making it far simpler to acquire assistance, whether through online forums or through hiring a skilled developer.

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