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What is Joomla

What is Joomla

By daniele

An open-source content management system is Joomla (CMS). You can use it to create robust dynamic applications and websites. Its user-friendly interface makes all of its features and functionality easy to use.

Features of Joomla:


Being multilingual is beneficial to everyone. It is a trait to be pleased with for individuals who do not speak English. Yes! Multilingual Joomla. In 75 different languages. Unbelievably long, I must say.

Respondent in style:

Nowadays, having a responsive website is standard. Because every second person is using a smartphone to browse the internet, it is necessary to create a website that functions flawlessly on all devices of all sizes. Additionally, Joomla provides you with a fully responsive website. This ensures that you never lose a potential website visitor.

 Simple to Use:

Open source and free to use, Joomla. Free, however, does not imply that it is featureless. The WYSIWYG feature of the incredibly user-friendly interface will astound you.


Security is an important aspect to consider when building a website. Joomla offers two-factor authentication to help you reduce the risk of hacking. Therefore, your website won’t be hacked, but if you use a username and password that is highly common and someone manages to log in, you can quickly restore a compromised Joomla site.

Yahoo Forum

Anyone can offer their time to contribute to the Joomla forum. Volunteers and their contributions are welcome to the open source project Joomla. With whatever abilities you may have, in whatever quantity, and to let people use your invention. You can get to know other Joomla users in our community and pick up some tips from them. If you ever run into difficulty. There’s a good chance that someone has already brought up the topic in the forum, and you can find the answer there.

There are more than 8,000 extensions available to engulf you in their features.

  • Access Control List, sometimes known as “User Management,” is valid for managing site visitors.
  • You are free to create as many menus as you like.
  • simple to keep pictures
  • Redirecting URLs is an easy process.
  • It’s simple to add a contact form.
  • With only one click, get updates.
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