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What is Magento?

What is Magento?

By daniele

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that gives online retailers control over their online store’s appearance, content, and operation, in addition to a versatile shopping cart system. Magento provides robust capabilities for catalog management, search engine optimization, and marketing.

For our e-commerce clients, CommonPlaces use the community-based Magento solution. Due to Magento’s scalability, businesses with a small number of products and specific requirements can grow to include tens of thousands of products and complicated custom behavior without switching platforms. It provides a selection of plug-ins and themes that make it simple to improve a user’s experience. The internet store needs to be structured in many different ways, and how well that is done frequently depends on business sense. But when it comes to tailored functionality, that’s when more intricate coding is needed.

The need to modify a Magento website necessitates developers for various reasons. Even in its most basic form, the system is incredibly reliable. Businesses frequently require the support of seasoned developers as they start integrating with other systems or launching dozens of thousands of goods. We’ve had clients, for instance, who needed more options for seeing their dashboards. Typically, you may choose viewing options in groups of 5, 25, or 50. A client of ours requests to view the year 2000. Only a certain amount of the function can be altered; anything beyond that must be professionally configured using best practices by a Magento expert.

Seasoned developers will also stress the importance of speed in e-commerce. Anyone who frequently shops online hate being forced to wait for systems to reload. Stress on your server may result from the application’s extensive list of native features. Although a Magento client hasn’t asked for more than one server for their online store, I can see that need for developing in the future.


  • Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins.
  • Open source technology that offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions.
  • Practical and cost sensitive program.
  • Allows for various discounts and promotions during check-out.
  • Provides more than 50 payment gateways.
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